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The Arkansas College Savings Plans is the easy, affordable and smart way to save for your child’s education at nearly any college in the nation. Starting to save now is the best thing you can do to support their success in 5…10…or 18 years. We offer two plans that will help you accomplish your goals and help give your child a head start. Also, they’re the only 529 plans that offer an Arkansas State income tax deduction for Arkansas taxpayers. Very cool!

You can select the very easy and affordable Arkansas GIFT Plan, a direct-sold 529 Plan that offers a range of investment options and is accessible online at, by contacting the Arkansas Treasurer of State’s office, or by mail.

Or, if you retain the services of a financial advisor, you can ask your advisor about the Arkansas iShares 529 Plan, the nation’s only 529 Plan based upon exchange traded funds (ETFs) which offers the combined key features of traditional mutual funds and individual stock. If your advisor does not currently represent the Arkansas iShares 529 Plan, he or she may contact the office of the Arkansas Treasurer of State at 501-682-1406 or 1-855-686-2582 (toll free) for more information.

The Gift Plan

The GIFT Plan 529

Funds managed by The Vanguard Group and administered by Upromise Investments. Can be purchased directly without using a financial advisor.

iShares 529

Investment options offered the Arkansas iShares 529 managed by BlackRock Institutional Trust Co. N.A . Can be purchased through financial advisors only.

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We know that you are planning for the future of your children. Let the  College Savings Plans help you start.

The Arkansas  College Savings Plans offer a variety of ways to help realize you and your child’s dream of affording

Financial Advisors

iShares 529 Plan

Arkansas’ Advisor-sold 529 Plan

Now Arkansas advisors, with clients who prefer to seek the advice of an investment professional, have a choice –- the iShares 529 Plan.

Arkansas’ advisor-sold Plan is the first 529 plan ever introduced in the nation 


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